EEX 6524

The activity descriptions provided in this summary of ESOL infused activities or assignments are intended to provide you with information about how you meet the requirements to earn the ESOL endorsement as part of your initial certification degree. It thus concentrates on the ESOL component of the activity or assignment, and may not reflect all portions of each class assignment or activity. Carefully read through the entire assignment description in the associated course's syllabus to ensure that you fulfill all assignment requirements. If the Electronic Portfolio Assessment row indicates Yes, this means that you will upload this graded assignment to your online assessment account in LiveText/Via/Watermark/Student Learning and Licensure, etc.


ESOL Endorsement Standards1.1
Activity ObjectiveRecognizes the major differences and similarities between the different cultural groups in the United States
Activity DescriptionCultural Self-Analysis: Candidates write an autobiography of self to reflect awareness of the role of culture in one¡¯s life and how culture impacts ones¡¯ self and may influence teaching practices. Candidates write a biography of another from a culture different from own based on an in-depth interview. They then create a Venn diagram from findings after conducting a cross-cultural analysis of similarities and differences, and comparing and contrasting life stories, and analyzing the areas of cultural differences with a description/explanation of areas of personal discomfort or awkwardness.
ESOL-specific Reading(s)Rance-Roney, J. (2008). Creating intentional communities to support English language learners in the classroom. The English Teacher, 97(5), 12-22.
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Electronic Portfolio AssessmentYES