SSE 6115

The activity descriptions provided in this summary of ESOL infused activities or assignments are intended to provide you with information about how you meet the requirements to earn the ESOL endorsement as part of your initial certification degree. It thus concentrates on the ESOL component of the activity or assignment, and may not reflect all portions of each class assignment or activity. Carefully read through the entire assignment description in the associated course's syllabus to ensure that you fulfill all assignment requirements. If the Electronic Portfolio Assessment row indicates Yes, this means that you will upload this graded assignment to your online assessment account in LiveText/Via/Watermark/Student Learning and Licensure, etc.


ESOL Endorsement Standards3.1
Activity ObjectiveCreate a complete lesson plan for any grade level K-6 for a class of 20 to 30 students from a heterogeneous population.
Activity Description: Lesson Module Components- 1. Home Page ¨C Include title, image, grade level, discipline, and topic 2. Content Summary ¨C Provide a description of the content that will be covered. 3. Objectives ¨C What should the students gain from this lesson? Be sure to include content and language learning objectives. 4. Materials ¨C List all the items needed to complete the lesson (ex. handouts, books, artifacts, technological devices, software, visuals, modified worksheets for ELs, etc.) 5. Procedures ¨C List in chronological order the steps needed throughout the lesson including all activities and materials. Be sure to address how ELs will be meaningfully integrated into each step 6. Evaluation and Assessment ¨C Explain how you plan on assessing the effectiveness of the lesson and your teaching and the knowledge gained by the students. Include a specific description for how ELs will be assessed. 7. ESOL Accommodations ¨C Summarize how your lesson would be adapted or modified for ESOL students at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of proficiency. 8. Resources ¨C Provide resources other than those provided in the lesson for extension or modification. Which resources would be appropriate for ELs at each proficiency level? 9. Standards ¨C Include both number and a brief explanation.
ESOL-specific Reading(s)Weisman, E.M. & Hansen, L. E. (2007). Strategies for teaching social studies to elementary level ELLs, The Social Studies, 98, p. 180-186
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ESOL Endorsement Standards3.1, 3.3, 4.1, 5.3
Activity ObjectiveRelate classroom readings to pedagogical implications with ESOL students
Activity DescriptionThis paper is not a summary of the Weisman and Hansen article; instead, it is a response to the reading. First, candidates should react to the article. This requires them to agree or disagree, at least in part, to the author¡¯s main points. They should base this reaction on both personal and practical experiences. Second, they should discuss the relevance of the reading to social studies instruction. Finally, they should discuss how the reading will affect their practice as a classroom teacher, specifically in regards to approaches taken with ESOL students. For example, how can they critique the argument based on their knowledge of SLIDE and TREAD and proper lesson plan modification for ELLs. Is the information presented in the article sufficient?
ESOL-specific Reading(s)Weisman, E.M. & Hansen, L. E. (2007). Strategies for teaching social studies to elementary level ELLs, The Social Studies, 98, p. 180-186.
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